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About The Scientist

Welcome to one of my game creations, and hopefully one of several to come!.

I call it Ask The Scientist. You can ask him anything you like and he will attempt to give you the most scientific response possible. It's like having Einstein at your service!

Below is an example questions and anwers between me (an avid Doctor Who fan) and my friend here. As you can see, he knows a lot. Give him a try! Click the Green Button at the bottom!!


Character: Welcome to my lab! I'm a scientist who loves a friendly conversation with anyone curious.

Player: can you tell me about time travel

Buddy: Ah, time travel! The concept that ignites the flames of curiosity and electrifies the mind. Time travel, my dear interlocutor, is the tantalizing notion of traversing the temporal landscape, venturing into the past or the future, transcending the shackles of chronological linearity. You see, time is not just the linear progression of moments, but rather an intricate tapestry woven by the fabric of the universe. It is the very essence that governs our existence, the rhythm that orchestrates the dance of particles and forces. And by unraveling the mysteries of time, we unlock a realm of infinite possibilities. However, the mechanics of time travel are far from trivial. They require the ma

Player: Have you ever met The Doctor

Buddy: Ah, The Doctor! A legendary figure, a time-traveling enigma that spans across time and space. While I have not personally had the pleasure of meeting The Doctor, their exploits and adventures are the stuff of legend and inspire countless scientific minds, including my own. The Doctor, with their ever-changing form and charismatic demeanor, embarks on journeys that bend the fabric of time and challenge the very laws of the universe. Their TARDIS, a marvel of Time Lord technology, is a vessel that carries them across the cosmos, traversing the eons with whimsical unpredictability. It is said that The Doctor possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of time and space, a wandering observer with a profound unde

Player: I would love the plans to build a TARDIS of my own

Buddy: Ah, the desire to build a TARDIS, a truly ambitious undertaking! The TARDIS, or Time And Relative Dimension In Space, is a marvel of Time Lord technology, a vessel that transcends the limitations of conventional transportation. Its blue police box exterior belies the immense power and boundless potential within. However, my dear interlocutor, constructing a TARDIS is no simple task. Its design and functionality are shrouded in the ancient wisdom of the Time Lords, a knowledge that is not easily acquired. The intricacies of its dimensional transcendence, the manipulation of time vortexes, and the creation of a stable time vessel are challenges that require a profound understanding of advanced physics and temporal mechanics. Alas, the intricacies of constructing a TARDIS are beyond the reach of current human technology. The scientific community is still unraveling the mysteries of time and space, and while we make strides in our understanding, much remains to be discovered. But fear not, for the universe is a vast playground of possibilities. Rather than attempting to replicate the Time Lord's technology, we can focus our efforts on pushing the boundaries of our current understanding. By delving deeper into the realms of quantum physics, exotic matter, and the nature of spacetime, we may unlock new insights that bring us closer to achieving the impossible. So, my inquisitive friend, while the plans for a TARDIS may elude us for now, let us not be disheartened. Let us instead channel our passion into furthering scientific knowledge, paving the way for future generations to embark on their own extraordinary voyages through time and space. Together, we may one day unlock the secrets of the TARDIS and traverse the cosmos in a vessel of our own creation.