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Expert Tea Drinker Journal

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Teas are a great choice for a morning beverage! Most Herbal teas are caffeine free and also provide a variety of health benefits, partially due to their antioxidant properties.

Herbal & Traditional teas come in so many varieties that a ‘Tea Journal’ is the perfect gift, for you, or a friend. Tea drinkers can keep track of their favorites and record all of the health benefits they feel, and any other responses from drinking certain teas they might experience. What a great idea.

40 pages in PDF form, including matching JPG Slides in US Letter Size!
Use the jpgs as hand outs or print the entire PDF. Create junk journals with the jpgs for personal use.
Instant download.

Pages include:
Cover Page
Tea Benefits
Tea Schedule
Journal Pages
Types of Herbal Teas
Tea Blends
My Favorite Teas
Tea Purchases
Tea Brewing Tips
Tea Relaxation Pages
Relaxation Progress
3 Tea Coloring Pages
Relaxation Journal Pages
Favorite Places to Relax

Personal Use Only.


Tea Expert
You will get a ZIP (41MB) file